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One module interfaces with thousands of vehicles! One wire gives you control over the doorlocks, factory alarm functions, even the immobilizer! Omega Databus modules eliminate the need for dozens of relays, resistors, extra ignition keys and countless hours of installation time. These patented multi-vehicle modules cost the same as most single vehicle modules.


Interface modules by Omega
   Omegalink is a complete suite of OEM integration solutions responding to today’s installation needs. With over 2700 vehicle applications available to date† in preloaded or downloadable immobilizer bypass, doorlock bypass or ‘all-in-one’ platforms, Omegalink offers the most innovative and easy to use integration suite on the market.

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Featured Omegalink Technologies
Introducing KLON – the next breakthrough in immobilizer bypass technology for vehicles traditionally limited to ‘key-in-a-box’ applications. Using our award-winning Weblink Updater online interface, an OEM key* and an OmegaLink module, KLON creates unique firmware that enables installations with no replacement keys, no dealer scan tool and no pin code required.
BLADE technology
The next evolution in integration technology, the new, ultra-compact Blade cartridges are designed for seamless 2-way data integration with Blade-compatible remote starter and security devices, significantly cutting down your install time. Available in transponder bypass or ‘all-in-one’ (transponder and doorlock) with CANbus support, Blade cartridges are fully programmable online with firmware for over 2700 vehicles and counting. BLADE also allows you to flash the remote start firmware eliminating obsolescence and configure the entire system before touching a single wire!
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Omega's line of INTERNET UPGRADEABLE vehicle interface modules. One model replaces a dozen of our standard interface kits!!
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Omega's full line of fixed application databus integration modules and remote start bypass kits offer you ALL of the solutions you need to get the install right the first time.
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